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[13 Sep 2012|07:32pm]

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[22 Mar 2012|07:21pm]
SO basically danny's been kind of sick, just like virus stuff we thought until he dropped a lot of weight in the past couple of weeks. took him to the vet yesterday and the cat that weighed in at 22 pounds a few years ago is now down to 12. all his tests came back negative for stuff like diabetes or hyperthyroidism or anything wrong with his liver, which means that fearing the worst was right - he's got cancer. so, i've spent pretty much the past three hours crying and trying to put myself back together knowing that he's only got a few more weeks - meaning sometime in april we're going to lose him because everything always dies in our family in april. honestly this is just the most heartbreaking because we know he's going to die. it's not sudden like with every other cat we've ever had, we have to watch him go down and just make it as comfortable for him as possible so he enjoys the little time he's got left with us. that's life, i guess, and pretty much it just fucking blows
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usmnt vs ecuador and one direction in new york city [13 Mar 2012|09:22pm]
i forgot to upload these back in october so here is the usmnt vs ecuador at red bull arena in harrison, nj

with more here

and from friday! one direction at radio city music hall in new york city

with more here!
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Writer's Block: Shaken, Not Stirred [21 Feb 2012|11:14am]
Who is the best James Bond?

HOW IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION daniel craig of course
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[10 Sep 2011|08:16pm]

i still don't know how i feel about this
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longest week ever [03 Aug 2011|10:25am]

sightseeing tour in Washington DC, July 29th 2011Collapse )

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, July 30th 2011Collapse )

Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space in Washington DC, July 30th 2011Collapse )

Barcelona vs Manchester United at Fedex Field in Washington DC, July 30th 2011Collapse )

Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space Annex in Virginia, July 31st 2011Collapse )

Britney Spears at Nassau Coliseum, August 2nd 2011Collapse )
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real madrid vs philadelphia union; the philadelphia zoo [25 Jul 2011|05:42pm]

blah blah real madrid blah blah THE UNION WERE AWESOME THOUGHCollapse )

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[06 Jun 2011|12:12am]
so i went to go see my favorite americans be crushed by some spaniards this weekendCollapse )
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i love this camera [23 Apr 2011|05:19pm]

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MAN. OF. THE. MATCH. [23 Apr 2011|02:35pm]
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[15 Apr 2011|09:55am]
rip to the 96 who lost their lives 22 years ago. one day you will all get the justice that is so deserved because you'll never walk alone
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so usa vs argentina was yesterday... [27 Mar 2011|03:25pm]
and this was what i sawCollapse )
or you can just see the full 360 photo set here
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[11 Mar 2011|10:13am]
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oops i neglected doing this since october [17 Jan 2011|12:14am]
i should really get more use of of this camera since it is spectacular, and maybe i will once the mls season starts again. as usual, click the picture for more from that set

Red Bulls vs Real Salt Lake 10/09/10

Red Bulls vs New England Revolution 10/21/10

Morris, the newest addition to the family

Allison turns into an artsy fuck over the christmas tree

Grace and Marilyn, the usual suspects

yes the cats make a complete mess of where they eat, that's what happens when you have five of them :|

there is nothing not adorable about cats in baskets
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NY Red Bulls vs LA Galaxy/Jonas Brothers at Jones Beach [23 Aug 2010|09:37am]
Saturday 08/14/10Collapse )

Saturday 08/21/10Collapse )

Soundcheck Sunday 08/22/10Collapse )

Sunday 08/22/10Collapse )
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[07 Jul 2008|10:21am]
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